BlackJack Elite Lacrosse Travel Teams


Within this program, there are 7 age groups ranging from 5th grade to 11th grade. We compete at  AA and A levels. The goal of this program is to provide instruction and guidance to players looking to compete at the top levels of the game. Many of these players are training with the goal of playing at the collegiate level in the future. Membership is determined by annual try-outs. All teams will attend competitive tournaments and will compete in brackets that are at the perfect skill level to challenge and push them to grow as a player and team. We are family focused and will not split families that have multiple players in the club.

​We are committed to supporting our athletes through the process of goal setting.  We believe in strengthening and teaching the skills necessary for each player to accomplish their goals.  Our core values are player development, sportsmanship, leadership, accountability,  responsibility, and camaraderie.